Sound Vibration and Healing

Lotus Flower Treatments

Sound Healing is a treatment which is a completely natural way to treat illness, as well as physical and emotional pain. It is a safe and gentle, yet a very effective way to bring balance, harmony and healing to your Body, Mind and Spirit. Sound Healing is emotional cleansing and can be a profound healing experience.

I offer ONE to ONE Sound Healing Treatments, using mostly voice, but also tuning forks, bowls and gong.

Read about the treatments below and choose what best suits your needs.

Sound Healing

Sound Healing

Cleanses negative energy and emotions
Induces deep relaxation
Improves sleep and reduces stress
Facilitates the connection with your higher self
Balances both hemispheres of the brain
Helps you make changes to behavioural patterns and habits that no longer serve you
Aids recovery from trauma and medical treatment
Removes energy blockages and toxins
Improves your immune system

Chakra Clearing

Chakra Clearing

Helps with high blood pressure
Can help with chronic pain
Relieves stress and anxiety
Prompts damaged DNA strands to self repair
Causes rejuvenation and transformation
You will experience deep relaxation
Helps you with emotional issues
Assists you with moving forward in life
Sessions are effectively a ‘Healing space’ for you
Sessions are referred to as ‘sonic massage’


Meditation Sessions

Helps with focus and motivation
Brings about feelings of happiness
Aids willpower and intension
Helps with sleep and insomnia
Helps with anxiety
Lifts depression
Helps with patterns of addition
Promotes healthy self-esteem
Can aid eliminations of toxins from the body
Brings an awareness to the breath


1 Session – £70.00

5 Sessions Package Deal booking – £300

Sessions are usually 1 hr 20 min, but Chakra sessions tend to be longer.

You should wear comfortable loose clothes for the session and please do not

consume food or alcohol for at least 2 hours before treatment.



Please give a minimum of 2 days notice for a cancellation or to re-arrange your appointment. Cancellations 48 to 24 hours before your scheduled appointment are charged at 50% of the applicable fee, 24 hours or less carry a full cancellation fee. If I am able to fill your slot with another booking at the same day, no fee will be charged.