The Journey for Victoria

About Victoria

I grew up in a gospel household, full of uplifting music and spiritual vibes. From when I can remember I felt connected to the higher power and felt the benefits from a daily practice of prayer and gratitude.

Motherhood was a big transition in terms of how challenging it can be to have children, be working, taking care of home life and nurturing a relationship with a partner. Investing in a daily practice can be hard. Just finding the time to be alone, silent with mediation and prayer. I felt stretched, the pressures of society made me feel I had to do and be many things simultaneously.

My personal life hit a wall. I found that many days, I was on the edge or perhaps sinking further into depression. The desire to ‘do’ and ‘be’ was no longer present. Surrendering into my practice, committing – gave me the strength to endure the most difficult of times. I could see my value and that I was already enough.

Kundalini Yoga

My life has been heavily influenced by meditation, on a level I was “aware” of in relation to the term. I prepare food, dance, sing, listen – however upon attending a yoga & meditation class I was lead to forms of the discipline to my practice. I met the wonderful, inspiring goddess teacher Kwali Kimara in Camden. Kundalini yoga came along at the right time, as the seasons in my life had changed, when this occurs we all need a ‘release’ button and this was it for me. With mantras, meditation, Kriyga, the teachings of Yogi Bhajan are truly amazing.

I completed my Kundalini teacher training in 2015.


Pronounced RAY KEE (Japanese-tradition) the name is translated as universal life-force energy and is an key holistic healing practice. It promotes your capacity to love oneself and others, understanding and accepting assists you on your path of growth and spiritual development. A deep relaxation state when one has received a treatment, it brings about positive thoughts and release of negative thoughts. After all, so many illness come about from our everyday life of stresses and tensions. Reiki benefits are amazing and can be felt long after a treatment, a healthy mind and body connection with inner peace. Good for ones immune system, assisting with energetic blockages. Reiki works on many levels as it’s a spiritual energy that surrounds the human body. I so enjoyed the teachings of this holistic healing therapy. I completed my course with the wonder Rekha Arjuna in 2017.

The Gong

The power of sound dates back to ancient cultures from Mongols, Khemetic, Roman, Greek, Persian, the list is endless. The alchemy sources say that the gong reaches exist back as far as 16,000 BC. There is so much to say about this wonderful piece of metal. It brings about such peace within, I felt I had to learn more about OM sound that made my body feel so calm.

I found Mark Swan-Satjit Singh, Gong Master – what a gentle human. I trained with him and became a practitioner in 2013. The Gong is transforming therapy energizing the body in what I can only describe as waves and ripples washing over the body. Celestial and blissful harmonic sound takes you to the 4th dimension, dream state brings about optimum health and adding the body to repair brings silence within.

Sound Healing

I was once again in my favourite angel shop, gravitated towards another soul – Mandy, a loving woman. She told me of Rob & June will their teachings of sound healing accompanied with crystal and Tibetan bowls. I enrolled and began a journey of sound, Rob & June are beautiful people so caring and nurturing in the way they speak and explain how sound waves benefit the mind and the body. I completed my training with them in 2016. Sound to me is purification after all our bodies are made up of 75 per cent water. Each organism in our body has its own vibration so with the use of the voice, which emits sounds and the use of the bowls vibration travels deep into the body, assisting it to rest and reset itself. It supports a healthy nervous system, balances the chakras, eases anxiety, depression and restores the clarity of mind.

Dounia Chrifi-Alaoui

Victoria is an incredibly talented, dedicated and passionate healer. She is practical and down to earth. Although at the time I did not have a real understanding of healing, I found that she used various methods to help me unblock in all areas of my life. I am now able to find my flow and feel more grounded. Her healing work goes very deep and does last several hours so make sure you go straight to bed after one of her treatments.

I would highly recommend Victoria to anyone out there regardless of what you are looking for or hoping to achieve.

Dounia Chrifi-Alaoui


I can not recommend Victoria enough. My whole experience with sound healing has truly transformed my well being and my life. My heart feels stronger, my coping mechanisms are much better and I feel positive about the future. It is more than her skill set that achieves these results, it’s a lot to do with who she is as a healer and she is for sure spiritually gifted.

Natalie, Figure and Face Clinic

Victoria gives sincere thanks, praise and gratitude to those
who have guided her on her spiritual journey

REIKI 2017  |   Usui Method of Natural Healing, UK with Rekha Arjuna & Michael Kaufman

SOUND HEALING 2016  |  The College of Sound Healing with Rob and June Dickerson

KUNDALINI YOGA 2015  |  The Alchemy Centre, UK  |   Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association

GONG PRACTITIONER COURSE 2013  |   Kent, UK with Mark Sajit Singh

MAGNIFIED HEALING COURSE 2012  |   London, UK with Kay Wesley

HOMEOPATHY HEALING 2012  | Violet Hill Studios, UK with Lakis Chrysanthou

Thank You – Rob and June Dickerson

Lakis Chrysanthou Energy/Shamanic Healer Homoeopath/Inner Child Journey

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