I have been developing my business, Lotus Flower Healing over the past few years. I chose the name because of my admiration for and empathy with the lotus flower.  This beautiful sacred flower, begins its life cycle in the dark murky waters, but grows strong with light and time and eventually pushes up through the water to transform into a magnificently strong flower.  It is a recognised universal symbol for purity and spiritual awakening, with its beautiful, unfolding petals.  I see it as a metaphor for my own life; how my faith and strength helped me survive, and allowed me access transformation and rebirth.

My method of teaching is grounded in the need of the individual to develop a deeper understanding of themselves to unfold into their true potential. I offer a combination of treatments which include Sound Healing, Chakra Clearing and Kundalini Meditations. Sessions are unique and are shaped by the needs of the individual on the day.

– Victoria Yellop